Tuesday, 23 August 2016


How's everyone doing? Hope well. I am here with yet another post on hair styling because I have found that many hairlistas are stuck when it comes to this department. 

This post is a step by step pictorial of this simple hair style I posted up a few weeks ago...

Couldn't resist trying out this style, its so simple and looks so chic all at the same time, love it! Let's get right to it;

Step 1- Section the top half of your hair like this;

Step 2-Twist that section into a loose twist

Step 3-Divide the back into two equal sections and flat twist each section loosely secure ends with a bobby pin (try and make sure the bobby pin is not showing );

Finally swoop the from twist to the side and secure the ends with a bobby pin discreetly;



That's all  for now ladies!!! If you get to try this style please feel free to share it with me!! Have fun with your hair ladies, keep people intrigued about our Naija Hair!!!



Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Its been a second, hope every one is well. I have been focusing in getting steady with Youtube lately, so I renamed my channel, it's now going to be called NAIJA HAIR CAN GROW...DUH!!

So here's my first official  video for this  new re named channel, it's a simple how to video for an intricate looking updo I have done several times.

please watch, enjoy and subscribe!!

Have a blessed week!!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dangers of constant Bunning + Remedies

Hope all is well at your ends!! I know buns are a lot of ladies go to style and in my years of owning Savvy and Chic hair beauty hub, I have seen first hand the dangers of constantly bunning your hair/wearing a ponytail...here are a few dangers,at the bottom of this post I will share pictures of simple alternative styles that  can replace buns.

1.Your Hairline is in danger- when you put your hair in a sleek bun all the time,you are pulling the hair in one direction to the middle and this can cause breakage along the hair line from the front, sides to the back...if you keep this up especially if you brush hard to sleek it down or add gel regularly, you will notice your hairline starts to recede...avoid this problem by loosing your grip and brushing out your hairline to form baby hairs along the hair line.

2.You risk breakage at the start of your bun- have you seen where someone holds their hair in a pony tail and uses hair pins all around the base near where the ponytail starts because the hair around is too short to be in the ponytail? Keep bunning and that person could be you especially if you use an elastic band to hold your hair or you hold the pony tail too tightly causing dryness at the joint resulting in breakage. I recommend satin covered pony tail holders or ouch less bands to stop snagging and dryness around the area.

3. Your ends might be in danger- Especially if you like to tuck them under the ponytail holder. When done too tightly, you will create dents along the hair shaft/strands....these dents will become weak spots from which breakage can occur. To avoid this from happening, I'd recommend you fold your ends and secure them with hair pins rather than the pony tail holder or elastic band (a no- no as these bands can even tangle your ends and cause breakage).

4. Your scalp is in danger of drying out especially the scalp beneath the base of your ponytail...remember those gelled high ponytails/buns that stylists used to do back in the day? I remember my mum's 40th birthday, I styled my hair in a gelled ponytail and added blonde extensions at the tips(don't asks me how I looked)... Kept the style for over a week and had to take it out after my scalp started itching  right in the middle of the ponytail,when I took the hair down, there was so much buildup in the middle and scaly residue because that area of my scalp had been deprived of air, moisture and oils. If I kept the hair style in my hair for a month, Lord knows the state my scalp would have been and we all know poor scalp conditions inadvertently affect hair growth.

So what am I saying, while buns and ponytails are cute and easy,  Your hair doesn't have to be a slave to them. There are equally cute and easy styles you can do to switch things up from time to time so you give your hair strands a break from the tension of buns.






Most of these styles will take less than 10 minutes to recreate and all you need are bobby pins. So who is recreating this look soon? I'll be making a hair tutorial on Youtube soon for those who'd like a step by step guide on recreating styles like this.

Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, 2 August 2016


It's been a while...hope all is well. So I made a video about all the hair products I've used and loved this year!! They include OLAPLEX, MANE CHOICE SILK LEAVE IN DETANGLER, NATURAL NIGERIAN'S LEAVE IN, AFRICAN NATURALISTAS LEAVE IN CONDITIONER... Watch what I think about these products below;

Hope you enjoy the video, I rambled a little too much, forgive me and please subscribe as I plan to put up more videos.

Have a great week!!


Friday, 22 July 2016

My Wig collection at Savvy and Chic PART 1

Hiya Ladies,
I promised a few posts ago to do a post about wigs I sell at the hub. These wigs were specially curated by me using price, style,quality/hair texture and closure/hair parting as a guide.

You see from my previous wig posts that I like to use wigs as protective styles only if they are not super expensive, the style is 'wear and go'( low maintenance), the the hair texture mimics relaxed Afro hair (not too silky) finally the closure if it's lace or other wise must be natural and easy to blend.

All the wigs below qualify with the above criteria and are up for sale, I will be posting their names,pictures,color available and price they presently retail for at the hub however I am offering a special discounted price to NHCG blog readers for a limited time...continue reading to find out....


This wig is a gorgeous wavy textured wig, comes in color 1b and has a hand knotted side lace parting.
Retail Price- N20,000
For NHCG Readers-N18,000


Ever wanted to just switch up your hair style and have bangs for a change?Well this wig is the go to wig for a temporary but gorgeous style fix. I love how smooth the hair feels!it comes in a rich black in color 1b,thick and not shinny but natural looking and is truly a quick wear and go!

Retail Price-N20,000
For NHCG Readers-N18,000


Oh Evelyn, how GORG are you!! Hee Hee!!This wig is similar in style to the Bohemian wig. It comes in bigger waves and is such a statement making wig. We picked a color 1b for this wig. It also have a side had tied lace parting which is very natural looking! Love it!

Retail Price-N24,000
For NHCG Readers-N 20,000

JULIANA WIG is my best in this collection!! This is because it reminds me the most of my Riley wig here!! This wig is for days when you want show stopping hair, I fell in love with this wig after watching it being reviewed by one my fave wig reviewers on youtube-

Its a two part either center or side lace parting, it's all round gorgeousness and if it hasn't been sold by August I will gladly add it to my wig collection. We have it in a color 1b

Retail Price-N24,000
For NHCG Readers- N20,000


If you have been craving some color then Darline is for you!!It tries to mimic type 3 hair/ mixed race curls. I really loved it when the model from the wig runway show at the Salon Day Out modelled it.

Its a hand tied lace side or center parting wig with curls in the form of ringlets which you can choose to finger comb out or fluff out.
Comes in the color above on the model.

Retail Price- N18,000
For NHCG Readers- N15,000

That's all for now ladies, all wigs are heat resistant, meaning you can use a curling iron or hair straightner on them up to 450F.

 I have a Part 2 coming next month as this OFFER IS VALID TILL JULY 31ST and will be on a first pay, first serve basis. Apart from getting the wigs, ladies who purchase them in Lagos have a FREE fitting and styling session at the Savvy and Chic Hair Beauty Hub then there's also going to be a FREE Satin Sleep Cap with every purchase.

If you'd like to add one of these wigs to your collection, please send me an email with the wig name you want or call 08090613325 and we will take it from there.


WHICH WIG DO YOU LOVE THE MOST FROM THIS COLLECTION? Comment below it will make my weekend :)


Monday, 18 July 2016

July Texlaxed Hair Update

Hi ladies,
Hope all is well at your ends!!
I'm here with my texlaxed hair update as promised albeit I am kinda late posting it up.
So I texlaxed at 14 weeks post relaxer, I've decided that it's the max I will stretch moving forward because I'm trying my utmost best to maintain think ends and I find that when I over stretch,my ends suffer. I actually wanted to stop at 12 weeks post but because I was in search of the Straight from Eden relaxer and spent two weeks looking for it in all of Lagos, I had to drag out the stretch.

All in all I was happy with my results, I settled for Vitale olive oil relaxer and I think I have found my Nigerian staple relaxer when I don't have Silk Elements. My new growth was super thick and the relaxer just loosened it enough without making it bone straight, I did add a little oil in the relaxer and also did the half half method,  spending a maximum of 10/12 mins on each half before washing it off.


The Results;
Before Trim

I gave my hair a good trim to make up for all the unevenness from my post partum shedding.

That's that!! loving this Texlaxed life right now. 



Thursday, 14 July 2016

They Are All Going Natural!!

Hiya Ladies,
Hope all is well at your ends! So one of the most asked questions I get is 'Dab's when will you go natural?' The answer is.....I don't know! Lately it has crossed my mind much more than ever before because of these gorgeous ladies who all used to be relaxed or texlaxed hair bloggers and are now all natural hair bloggers! However, I have never been one to just follow a trend so if ever I do, it will be for very personal reasons!!

Let's start with Jen of Just Grow Already HERE.....Lovvvedddd  her texlaxed hair, reminds me of my texture so much! She went natural about a year a go after an epic transition for like a year, love her natural hair too!!

My girl Meagan of U Love Megz on Youtube HERE broke my heart when she announced she is going natural Lol(just kidding) but she must have been one of the first youtube hair gurus I watched and loved because of her cutesy nature and tiny voice...I also loved how she grew out her fine textured hair long but noticed that over the past few years she struggled with setbacks and recently announced that she is going natural, I look forward to seeing her natural locks!

Lesley of Fresh Lengths HERE also astonished many with her transformation from damaged hair to long lush relaxed hair, home girl started texlaxing and before we could say Jack, she decides to go Natural!! Love her hair all ways!

Ebony C Princess...HERE I used to watch her relaxed hair vlogs all the time years ago and her blog Longing for length is such an great resource. Was actually excited for her when I saw she was transitioning as I always thought her black rich colored hair would look lovely as an Afro....she has become fully natural now and rocks it well.

Traycee of Keep It Simple Sistah- HERE was also a fave Youtube hair guru of mine, I remember watching her do  overnight DC back in the day with eggs...her hair was also super long like waist length then she annonced she is transition ad became natural...love her big hair now!!

Jay of http://relaxedthairapy.com/...was just browsing Instagram the other day and found that she too was transitioning!!!arghhhhh!!!LOL Her new growth was just so banging in the pic she posted I had to say something!!im looking forward to seeing her new look!!

*photo credits- google, instagram and blogs of all the above linked bloggers.

These are all the hair bloggers that I remember that have made the plunge recently.
As for me right now, being texlaxed works fine for me, I love that I feel like I have the best of both worlds but I'll never say never...